I've been thinking a lot about failure lately, or maybe not failure so much as not being great at all the things. In the last three years I've been working on my plyos push ups and I am progressing into superman push ups...

This is not a post where I brag about my ability to do something. It's a post where I tell myself it's ok that I still can't do a handstand. I've been taking a class at Enrgi where we focus on inversions and thus far I have been incapable of doing them. We are stronger in some areas then we are in others. But quite frankly I really only work on these once a week so my ability to nail a handstand is greatly reduced. You can't improve on something if you almost never try right?

That being said if there's something you want to do then practice. And if you are kicking yourself or getting upset about the things you haven't achieved yet, it's OK! We can't be the best at everything but we can continue to work hard. After all, Beyoncé wasn't born Queen Bey right? Girl put in the work to rule the world.