It was 50 degrees on Saturday which for those of you who don't live in the midwest or on the East Coast, that was a heat wave for us. This meant that everyone, including myself, was out running. I had a 6 miler. Not my fastest, not my best, legs tight and sore, but 6 miles done nonetheless. I spent the rest of the weekend making up for it by eating all the donuts, oreos, pizza and other bad food I could shove into my mouth. Soooooo back to the grind today which means back to regular workouts and back to limited sugar and not processed foods. Let's take a minute and pour one out for our beloved icky for you but delicious tasting friends. And here is the changes part of this post... I know I lost weight, I know I am healthier, but thanks to Facebook's remember these moments pics today I saw one from three years ago and thought good lord... 521316_10102712805033885_2109861477_n

Quite frankly it's a bit difficult to even look at this picture. I shouldn't hate it because I am still mostly the same person, except now I am thinner and find joy and fun in working out. I shouldn't hate it because due to this being my old physical self I pushed to find a new physical and mental self that I like better, but something about it just makes me sad.