When Your Weekend Is a Marathon...


... You just want to nap. Granted my weekend wasn't an actual marathon. It's been very important to me to cut back on my workouts this year so when training season is upon me I don't freak the heck out about cutting back, but somehow I still want to do all the things so I attempt to.

So let's give you Chicago living peeps a weekend review of where I was.

Friday Athlete MARS -

This is a class at Enrgi Fitness. It's offered to members and has been moved to just a Tuesday night slot which I am super bummed about, but the class itself... is totally worth it to take. You really focus on mobility with things like bear crawls, gecko walks and catburglers/hand stands. We also had some play time on the monkey bars so of course we all left class with ripped up hands.

Saturday Run -

I wanted to do a long run but I was teaching over at COOP in the morning so I ran as far as I could to COOP, until I realized I wouldn't make it in time because I left too late and had to hop in a cab.


Like I said up there, taught two classes. One might say, but Tahnee, you taught you didn't take, why was this tiring... well y'all... when you teach a class, you need to be on. You need to be energetic, you need to demo, and in these classes they ended each section with 30 seconds of burpees and since I didn't want them to focus on how many burpees they were doing, I did them right along with them. I didn't keep count, but that was two hours of class, 8 rounds of 30 seconds of burpees in each class. I've done more at one time, but wait this was not the end of my workout day...

   Fleet Feet

I did not work out here. I just ran over to see if they had any deals since their Old Town location just re-opened. I only bought a few socks but the place was hoppin!

   Sweatworking at Studio Three -

We got to try each of their studios for a very low price which is one of the many reasons why Sweatworking is so darn awesome. My reviews:

HIIT - Meh. I don't know how you comfortably fit 30 people in there. I found the space uncomfortably small, far too  hot for me and with the fun club like purple lights, I couldn't figure out which weights were which. We rowed (on their beautiful water rowers) and ran (on their beautiful woodway treadmills) and did some floor work. The poor instructors mic went out so I couldn't understand a damn thing she said. Her energy was good but even prior to that I found the mic either too loud or too close to her face as it gave her that weird lisp that somehow these mics give people? Overall class was fine but nothing I would drop my gym membership for.

   Pelaton -

This was my first time on a Pelaton bike and those things run so smoothly that it's lovely. They also have your resistance on the screen so when they tell you to turn the knob you actually know what you are doing and feel it as opposed to my normal where I am just turning the knob and have no clue what's really going on and just hope I do it correctly. The downside to this class? I was hitting the bar that raises and lowers the seat so I tried to move it during the second song and my seat ended up dropping all the way down. I couldn't get it back up and class just wasn't long enough for me to want to waste time calling the guy over to have him fix it. I.e. anytime I was sitting down my legs were going way too high and it felt like I was riding a bike for kids. If this ever happens to you, fix your damn bike seat.



      Sunday TRX Training

   I was definitely nervous as this was my first certification, or really qualification, class. What I did not anticipate, was basically doing TRX moves for 8 hours. This was a 9-5 training and we learned some cool things in regards to cueing TRX (moves were pretty standard and that's fine as this was a level 1 course). We sat a bit, but we were also up quite a bit either cueing and fixing our partner or on the trainers themselves. When I got home that night, instead of going to a friends for Oscar fun time as I was straight up exhausted, I could barely walk.

Luckily, I spent Monday and Tuesday in the Recoveri Normatec boots at Enrgi and things feel mostly back to normal.

So yeah... sometimes your weekend is a sprint and you do the thing and then color and sit around. Sometimes your weekend is a marathon and when Monday rolls around you just want an extra day to nap. How were your weekends? Or rather, how is your upcoming weekend since I failed at posting this earlier this week.