Pi(e) Day!


It's Pi(e) Day. Today I ran four miles for what I decided what looked like an eating disorders amount of pie (I.e I had one spoonful of banana cream). Please note that I do not take eating disorders lightly, it's just how my dad little bowl looked as I wanted just a smudge.    Let's change the subject now. Today I signed up for two runs:

A) The Humbolt Mile. I will be joining Three RUn Two and a slew of folks to run your fastest mile. I am also hoping to get my office involved in this so we will keep this as TBD until I hear back on what could be a very exciting project. So cryptic. But I spent that four mile run being very excited about the prospect of what could be.

B) The Chicago Marathon. The lottery opens tomorrow and while I was sitting around waiting for hat I determined that I am far too paranoid to throw caution to the wind so I joined Team Paws and I will be running for the animals.

If you would like to donate to my team site I would be forever indebted!

Go here to donate!

And in case you are wondering... Yes I also went to the gym after work and yes I taught this morning. You gotta hustle to achieve the dream.