What I'm Reading - Tuesday Edition


I know, I know, I just gave you a Monday edition of what I am reading, but I had saved this article to read for awhile and finally did and think it needs to be shared. I've had many conversations with people recently about how you decide on what you would actually like to do and go after it. It's not always as easy as some bloggers make it out to be. Yes, you follow your heart and maybe that thing doesn't work out. Or maybe you can't afford rent for awhile and that's kind of a big deal. Or maybe you have to spend less money on Nike and Lululemon tights (but don't you remember the days when you wore strictly Old Navy anyway?). There is a fine line of following your heart and landing on your feet and following your heart and being hungry, but even if you can only make your happy thing part-time, it's more important to just be happy right? The 5 Biggest Regrets People Have Before They Die

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