Annnnd Scene


And scene is what we say in improv at the end of a scene. It's not entirely applicable here, but it is the end of a weekend so there is that. And how did I spend the weekend?

   Well Saturday I ran the Chi Town half marathon. Friday the weather decided to be a bi-polar mix of sun, rain, snow and that meant that come Saturday the temps were in the high 20s and the race path was entirely iced over. We also had three miles of running straight into the wind. So far this might have been the most difficult race I have run mentally and more than once I thought about dropping out and going home. The only saving grace was nearish to my house I ran into a friend who was walking her dog and it just kept me motivated. 

   I also spent a lot of this race thinking about how lucky I am to be so well trained by Enrgi and HardPressed and frankly I'm not sure how people who don't train made it through! That course was a brute!

I always race to PR and needless to say I did not on Saturday, though my time was only three minutes off my PR so that makes it ok in my mind (well that and Nike claims I PR'd by five minutes but you really can't trust Nike).

Sunday was more cold-ish temps though not as bad. I taught this morning, headed to yoga and then spent the afternoon cooking. And all I want to do right now is sleep. 

*And since I feel like all I've done is whine, let me just say that the volunteers on this course were totally awesome and so energetic and supportive despite the awful temps!