The Truth About Being a Trainer


So the truth about being a trainer is that you spend infinitely more time at the gym (yay) but none of that time working out (boo). Don't get me wrong, this career path is entirely worth it if that's something you are passionate about, but for those of us with other day jobs time management becomes a serious issue as we (me) are trying to navigate working, working, working out, running and ya know other things like sleeping and petting our cats. Speaking of petting our cats, I have recently discovered that my cat Texas seems to want to eat everything I am eating.    Rude.

The struggle is real.

And worth it.

Totally worth it. This is an addendum to what I wrote earlier today as I was whining about my own workout schedule... Getting to work with people who really want to push to be better, stronger, faster, better form is something I am truly lucky to be able to do.