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I have nothing witty to add for a title... oh dear! Am I that tired? The answer is yes. It might be time for a mid-morning nap... or soon a lunch time run, but instead I need to power through the work day. And I must say that powering through these days is much easier now that it's warm again. I didn't quite realize how much the winter was getting to me until it was sunny and I felt like an entirely different person. 8987734.gif

So here is your run down from me:

Saturday: Since I am not training I decided to venture into some new territory and I joined City Fit Girls for a 3 mile run. I would say I am an averaged pace runner and on Saturday we ran a bit slower than my usual, but it was really great to meet new people and give group running a shot.


If you are a lady in Chicago looking for a new run crew I highly recommend this group. They started in Philly and are newer to Chicago, trying to build a following, but such a nice group of gals! Plus... who doesn't love meeting new friends that have the same interests as you (running and donuts). Right now their Saturday runs are monthly and while I likely won't be able to join again for awhile since marathon training will be in full swing soon, represent for me!

I am planning on finally joining Nike for an 11 mile run this coming Saturday so if you are in Chicago and looking for some free run training come join me for that!


Saturday night was an adventure in Logan Square for a friend's 30th birthday and I came home to a very exciting shipment from RAM Racing! All of the hot chocolate swag that you could ever dream of was waiting in that box including discount codes for the 2016 RAM races. If you are signing up for any of the races below, use my code: RAMSWAG3!

Cinco de MilerBucktown 5K (Best hoodie ever) Soldier Field 10 Big 10 10K Mag Mile Half Marathon Hot Chocolate 5K/15K

IMG_3021 And more!

Sunday: Guys... I took a legit rest day. No working out. I usually take a recovery yoga class as my rest day but I have found that the new instructor likes to add a little more work, which is fine, but does not qualify as a rest. So instead I cooked up a storm doing meal prep for the week and then joined two of my favorites at the dog beach for a sunny, puppy filled afternoon.


Monday: OMG WHY DON'T I TAKE REST DAYS MORE OFTEN?!?! I taught at Coop Monday morning and headed to HardPressed in the afternoon where I was actually able to make gains on my weights and I felt great! OMG PLEASE TAKE REST DAYS IF YOU DON'T ALREADY.


That being said... I followed up HardPressed by taking 500 Calorie over at Enrgi and combined they kicked my butt into Tuesday. I don't necessarily recommend going hard twice a day, but quite frankly when you are trying to fit in a bunch of things into your schedule, sometimes that's just how the cookie crumbles.