Bucktown 5K and Adventures in Nike


If you are signing up for the Bucktown 5K make sure you use my code RAMSWGAG3 for a little something extra in your goodie bag. Last week and continuing into this this week I have been trying to step outside of my box and have had some adventures with Nike. Nike is huge in Chicago. They offer free classes at their training center, free group runs with their running club and free events. Quite frankly if I didn't love my gym so much I would ask myself why I am paying when I can do all these great workouts for free. 

Speaking of my gym, last week Nike rolled into Enrgi to let us try their new cross training and running sneakers: I am not quite sure if I loved them or not but they are nice and light which is delightful! They stopped by for a special warrior class at Enrgi where we got to try both sneaks.

Saturday I finally joined NRC for a long run. The efficient side of my brain has a hard time traveling south just to run back north and then south again but since I have more flex in my schedule I figured why not. We headed south from Nike for an 8 mile run and views I don't always get to enjoy. I definitely enjoyed this run (especially since a friend joined me) though we ran a bit faster than the anticipated 9:30 pace... So by the end I was trying to focus on other things so I wouldn't slow down.

Last night I attended a football Inspired class designed for draft week (sliders, med balls, farmer walks, superman push ups, deadlifts, sprints and all the fast feet you never knew you wanted). The class was part of an Instagram contest and while I didn't make it to the final round I did get a nice lil draft week tee (which I quickly sweated through) and got some nice sprints in! The downsides to this event was that we had to be at the new Michael Jordan store (apparently they use their workout area upstairs to train high school athletes in poorer neighborhoods...thumbs up!) by 6:30 but the class didn't start until closer to 7:30. I had to get a friend to cover my class that night and I could have actually taught it. They did win me over though with their locker room which was loaded with our tshirts and the frees to wear. 

I said I probably wouldn't do this type of thing again, but let's be real... I would!