BTN Big10K


I should report in on my running and training and what I am learning (guys... I listened to a free training on how to grow your Instagram account on Sunday and it wasn't actually the worst) but instead all I am going to bring you today is the BTN Big10K. Registration is still open and they have just announced the finisher medals as well as shirts with your school's motto on the back. Woot woot!

Use my code: RAMSWAG3 for a free somethin somethin.

Speaking of mascots... the guy who plays Benny the Bull (Barry Anderson) for the Chicago Bulls is stepping down this year. Why is this important news to me? A few years back I spent a day thinking about what one has to be like in order to be a mascot (super flexible, energetic, etc) and so I spent a day stalking his social media. Please note that I use the term stalking lightly... no harm or danger has come to Barry at my hands. I was just fascinated by the man who has, for years, dressed as a bull and hit on ladies. Keep on keepin on Barry.