The very tiny and brilliant Rowan Blanchard recently stepped up and called out T Swift (ok so she didn't name her, but it's basically implied) and why the hashtag squad goals is a polarizing and bad thing. You can read the Glamour interview here. Why am I mentioning #squadgoals today? On Friday night, I spent the evening with some of my #fitfam (though I call them #realfriends) and it really brought to light for me how wonderful it is to have strong female friends. I moved to Chicago about ten years ago to pursue improv. I met some hilarious and truly wonderful people in that community. Some of my best friends are still comedians and they are effing hilarious. However, during the past three or so years I have stopped performing comedy as much and have delved into this world of fitness. I think it's so easy to look around you at the gym and feel like a chump amongst amazingly fit people, but these gals have been nothing but welcoming. They are funny, make delicious food, lift heavy weights, kick everyone's butts in classes, drink their body weight and alcohol and still get up to take class the next morning. I have watched one of them kick butt on the row machine while being 8 months pregnant. I have watched others perform moves and lifts that just blow my mind. They push me to be better. At times it's honestly a bit difficult, because let's be real... I want to be them. But then I remember that I am and I am strong and excel in my own ways (hello chest muscles).

I suppose for my friends #tribe is a better popular hashtag to be using. This is my tribe. They have made me a better, stronger and happier person. If you don't have a #fitfam #tribe then I highly suggest finding one. They have pushed me and made every single workout that much better.