GRD & What You Should Be Reading


Today (June 1st) is Global Running Day! Have you already gone for a run? I skipped last year because ya know... I am cool like that, but this year I will be joining North Face for a 6 mile run with ultrarunner Dean Karnazes. I suspect I will keep up with his pace... NOT. If you are in Chicago and looking for another running event, Nike is holding their 5K time trials to help kick off their NRC Marathon Training Season. To sign up for tonight's session click here.

In other news, what I would normally be doing on a Wednesday is heading to Wednesday Warrior at Enrgi. This class is coached by Robert who, after being the instructor I was most afraid of has quickly become one of my favorite instructors. He is both brilliant and tough and impossible not to love. I highly recommend checking out this quick A Sweat Life interview with him and if you are in Chicago you should absolutely sign up for one of his classes.

If you can't get out there and run today, at least remind yourself of why you do run. Whatever your reason, the very act of thinking about it is bound to bring some joy into your hump day.