And So We Begin (Again)


Last week training started for the Chicago marathon. Luckily for me this began with both an ear infection and 90 degree temps on my long run day. But this post is not about that. This post is about my favorite things that get me through my training.

A pair of good shoes... Or many pairs of good shoes. Last year I trained with Mizuno Wave Inspires. I've run in strictly Mizunos since I began running though lately I've found that my feet are changing. I want a softer shoe with a wider toe box but still plenty of cushion and so I am on the hunt. If you are looking for shoes I recommend heading to a local running store to get properly fitted.

The second a droplet of sweats lands on a part of your body that has become chaffed post long miles you will understand why body glide is 100% necessary.

Some people run with nothing. I like to have supplies of food and water. With a fuel belt you can still run hands free.

Snacks: gels are great for running but if you are like me and attempting a diet of mostly whole foods I suggest raisins, dates and pretzels to replenish your sodium and sugar.

Vita Coco. Always.

And a good hat. Blocks the sun and sweat and can be used as a shower (on hot days I soak my hat at water stations to cool down).

Good socks. I like my socks super light and I'm a big fan of Smartwool phD ultra light.