Where My Ladies At?


Growing up I was a tomboy. I had some female friends but I felt closer to men. I had a better understanding of men. In recent years that's changed and I have many more women in my close circles. What does this have to do with anything? It's Olympics time and I am all about the girl power representing this year. First of all, let's talk about team USA which is comprised of 262 men and 292 women. That's right. More sporty ladies are competing in Rio then our brethren. Now let's talk about Saudi Arabia. They sent 4 women to the Olympics, one of which is competing in weightlifting. Ayesha Al Balooshi i I support you for being a bad ass, weight lifting woman in a country where that is surely frowned upon.

Please note that Al Balooshi was actually on the UAE team.

In the women's 400 meter Saturday night Katinka Hosszu not only smashed her competition but she smashed records and is now the world record holder for the distance. No big.

In women's cycling, while I was all about Maura Abbott taking home the gold... She was bested in the very last less than minute but Anna van der Breggen and the follow pack and ended fourth. I still think Abbott's a badass for holding tight and climbing 2000km hills in the lead two. Tonight is women's gymnastics and I think we all know how the world feels about the USA team.

Sunday is the women's marathon. I admit I will be shocked if someone from Team USA wins, but I am team Desi Linden all the way (ok and Team Cragg and Team Flanagan).

What I am saying ladies is that if you aren't watching the Olympics you should start because our #girlsquad is crushing.