Whose Haus? Brahaus


I've been meaning to write about my experience at Nike's Brahaus which I was pretty excited to attend because I am a girl and I wear bras and Nike. Since it was a week ago... let's be real... most of those memories are gone already. So here is what I do remember. Nike very awesomely set up a social event that included freebies from Rx (which I LOVE - dark chocolate sea salt, mint, and coconut chocolate are my faves so far), pressed juice, customized bras with purchase and a HIIT class based on a workout inspired by Simone Biles.

So... the bra fitting. I was a bit early and I am awkward so of course this was slightly awkward. The lovely fitter guessed my size (she was wrong) and then when I told her my size she assumed I was wrong but after measuring, turns out I was actually right. Who thought that was going to happen? Definitely not me. She then brought me a bra in a size up with the same cup size and I know very little about bras, but I do know that if your band goes up your cup goes down. Sad for me as the Pro Bra was pretty great, but the cups were too big. I did end up buying my very first Nike Bra, but I realized that when I wear it with a tank top you can see completely down me.... soooooo high necks only. Otherwise, reports of working out in the bra are excellent. The support is really great for those of us with boobs. And sorry to Greg who reads my blog and doesn't want to know this much information about bras.

The workout... was fun! Though the room was sweltering so my normal amount of sweat was only maximized. Sorry to everyone involved. We did some bear crawls, deadlifts, med ball slams and squat jumps led by the completely delightful Betina and Gina. I always find their workouts interesting because I am a gal who likes heavy weights and likes to move it, move it, but of course they have to teach to a slightly lower level as the experience level at these events is all over the place. I do highly recommend NTC workouts. The workouts are just as good as you get in a lot of gyms and are free (says the girl who pays for her gym but whateves, I love my instructors).

Moral of the story? If Brahaus is hitting up your city then you should definitely attend. Nike makes all of their events look like events you want to be attending. They are hip and cool.


In other random news, this skeptical lady bought the Kayla Itsines workouts/meal plans on ebay for $5 because I am curious and fully plan on reporting back. Thus far I have discovered that almost every meal involves cheese or yogurt which is awesome, but not when you are lactose intolerant.


P.P.S I am trying to sell a pair of very gently used 7.5 Women's Mizuno Wave Rider (18 I believe) so if you know anyone whose interested please let me know!! Apparently all this running has greatly expanded my feet and I am now a monster.