Get Sweaty at Sweat


Friday night I attended my first blogger event at Sweat. I've been to Sweat before and I regularly go to HIIT classes so the format itself was not new to me. We need a shortened class, Tabata style, and it flew by. Let me break it down: Show up to Sweat. Everyone is super nice. Duh.

They give a quick tour and lavish you with water... Sorry Propel but you are not my jam. Amenities in the bathroom however, are tops.

IV me comes in to sell us on their services. While I am sure that stuff works great and I am always curious to try new recovery techniques, I also consider $80 shots to rehydrate during a hang over rich people nonsense.

Class is led by Owner Paul who I haven't worked with before. Class breakdown is above. If I had know DB push presses were going to be on the schedule I would not have used I such heavy weights in the SWAT class I took at Enrgi shortly before. Total arm burnout. Other thoughts on class: he gave us different instructions for sprints (raise incline, raise speed, etc) which really forced you to push, they have a target on the wall where you are supposed to aim and as a short as hell women I moved to a different wall as I was concerned about my form in attempting to reach the ceiling, rowing and TRx were standard and boxes came in various sizes and again as someone with no legs I thank you kindly.

After class we were treated to some juice ( yum), homemade protein balls (double yum) and Q&A.

It's interesting to talk to an owner about their goal for their gym and he was really interested in what we all look for in a workout and what we find intimidating.

For $169 a month, I think Sweat is a bit pricey for me, but they are a great little community oriented group fitness gym in the Gold Coast. Or if you just want to roll into KitchFix and then stop by Sweat to purchase one of their awesome tanks you could do that too.