My Life in Some Numbers


I constantly feel like I am doing nothing and yet the other night as I attempted to sleep I realized that's not the case. This summer turned out to be dedicated to a lot of things that weren't necessarily expected. So... Here's things: 40 hours a week - work

5 hours a week - workout (not including running)

1 hour a week - teaching

4 hours of week- slinging water at lake front aid stations for RAM racing 

1 hour a week - blogging for City Fit Girls

2 hours a week - rehearsal for a show I'm not under studying

3 more weeks until the weekend of two weddings and my birthday (one wedding had involved me planning bridal shower and bachelorette party)

4 more weeks until the marathon and another wedding

6 more weeks until maybe I run 36 miles

8 more weeks until I see Hamilton

9 more weeks until I go to China for two weeks

I'm tired. 

But also, I'm pretty happy.